Power System Security Assessment of the future National Electricity Market

The generation portfolios resulting from five modelling scenarios have then been used as inputs to the University’s assessment of power system security in the National Electricity Market (NEM). Each of these scenarios features generation portfolios with increasing penetration of Variable Renewable Electricity (VRE) sources out to 2050. Such systems may raise security concerns since most VRE technologies do not typically provide the so-called inertia, which has historically been one of the main means of regulating the AC system frequency to (nominally) 50Hz.

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Pierluigi Mancarella, Sebastian Puschel, Lingxi Zhang, Han Wang, Michael Brear, Terry Jones, Matthew Jeppesen, Robin Batterham, Robin Evans, Iven Mareels

Melbourne Energy Institute

Reports and working papers

Research Areas:
Energy systems; Energy policy

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