Switching off Gas Report

The University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) has examined the future of domestic gas across the interconnected eastern-Australian gas market.
Some of the numerous key findings of this important study include:

Gas demand peaked in 2012 and is forecast to decline in all sectors: electricity generation, the industrial/manufacturing sector, and in buildings.

Gas demand could fall to half of the 2012 peak by 2025.

Some householders can significantly reduce their energy bills by using efficient electrical appliances such as heat pumps (e.g. reverse cycle air conditioners) and induction cook tops instead of gas.

The MEI report says that large Victorian homes could save as much as $658 a year if they switched off gas heating and increasingly used air conditioners with "heat pump" technology in them. Tim Forcey, the report's author and energy adviser at the Melbourne Energy Institute will join us to present his key findings on why we should be fuel switching from gas to electricity.

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Tim Forcey

Beyond Zero Emissions

Reports and working papers

Research Areas:
Gas; Energy storage; Consumer tarifs

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