MEInetwork19 Seminar: Gas markets and retail

Malaysian Theatre,
Melbourne School of Design
University of Melbourne,
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This seminar takes a step back from the engineering infrastructure for delivering natural gas from the production sites to the end user, and examines the market structures that allow the gas supply chain to operate. The joint presentation from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) will describe the complex system of east coast gas markets and how they operate, look at some the challenges currently facing the gas supply chain in Eastern Australia, and describe how current gas market policy conditions impact gas consumers.

AEMO is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Australia's gas and electricity markets which match supply to demand. The first talk will cover the different types of gas markets on the east coast of Australia, AEMO’s role in managing those gas markets, how AEMO ensures that the right amount of gas is produced on a daily basis to meet demand (i.e. how the gas market is ‘cleared’), and recent market dynamics.

The second talk will demonstrate how gas and electricity prices are closely coupled in the Australian energy system, with rises in wholesale electricity prices closely following the wholesale gas price. It is in the long term best interest of both gas and electricity consumers, therefore, that gas market policies receive as much attention as electricity market policies. Clarity of long term policy with respect to gas supply and decarbonisation is also required for consumers to make informed investment decisions for appliances or plants that utilise gas.


Robbie Flood is ‘Manager, Gas Market Monitoring’ at AEMO. Robbie previously held roles as ‘Manager, Wholesale Markets’ with Territory Generation in Darwin, and ‘National Manager, Spot Trading’ with Alinta Energy in Sydney. He also worked for the WA market operator at the commencement of the WA electricity market and has been involved in most electricity and gas markets around Australia.

David Havyatt is Senior Economist at Energy Consumers Australia, where he supports the organisation with economic analyses and assists with maintaining focus on the policy objectives for the long term interest of gas consumers. David joined ECA after a long career in telecommunications, working for Telstra, AAPT, Hutchison and Unwired in senior sales, strategy and regulatory roles. More recently he operated his own consultancy advising on policy issues for the digital economy, and was a freelance writer primarily in the fields of telecommunications policy and innovation. These activities were interrupted by two and a half years as a senior adviser to the Federal Minister (and Shadow Minister) for Communications.

About MEInetwork19 Seminar Series

Six seminars running from May to September will take participants through the natural gas supply chain. Specialists from industry and the University of Melbourne will present on the current state and future of Australian natural gas supply, transport, use and export. Attendance is open to MEInetwork19 partner organisations and graduate students. Following the seminars, participants and speakers will have the opportunity for further discussion and networking over food and drinks.

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