MEInetwork19 Seminar: Hydrogen as an Alternative to Natural Gas

Malaysian Theatre,
Melbourne School of Design
University of Melbourne,
Parkville VIC 3052


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Ruby Brown

T: +61 3 9035 3641

As the final event in the MEInetwork19 Gas Supply Chain seminar series, this forum will explore the role that hydrogen could play in a possible future Australian gas supply chain transitioning away from natural gas.

Hydrogen is increasingly touted as a key element for achieving a 100% renewable energy future. A transition from the current gas supply chain to hydrogen, however, will require major repurposing, restructuring, and rethinking of all segments of the current supply chain, including production, transmission, distribution, consumption, markets and export. Navigating and implementing this transition presents both a major challenge and a major opportunity for Australia.

We have assembled a three-member expert panel representing industry, government, and the research community, and covering most of the hydrogen supply chain. After brief opening comments from each panellist, MEI Director Professor Michael Brear will facilitate an open discussion with the audience to probe the reality of developing hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas.


· Michael Bielinski—Siemens

· David Norman—Future Fuels CRC

· Enzo Alfonsetti—Energy Safe Victoria

About MEInetwork19 Seminar Series

Six seminars running from May to September will take participants through the natural gas supply chain. Specialists from industry and the University of Melbourne will present on the current state and future of Australian natural gas supply, transport, use and export. Attendance is open to MEInetwork19 partner organisations and graduate students. Following the seminars, participants and speakers will have the opportunity for further discussion and networking over food and drinks.

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Participation is open to employees of our partner organisations and University of Melbourne graduate students. Register here.

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