MEInetwork19 Seminar: Natural gas transmission and distribution

Singapore Theatre,
Melbourne School of Design
University of Melbourne,
Parkville VIC 3052


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Ruby Brown

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This seminar highlights the vital role that Natural Gas Transmission pipelines play in the day to day lives of most Australians, and provides an overview of distribution networks.

The pipelines are largely hidden, and many in the general public are unaware of the role they play. They bring natural gas from the production sources, which are typically long distances from where the gas is consumed.

The first part of this talk outlines the Gas Transmission System in Australia, the scale of the operations and energy delivery, and the opportunities and challenges in its operation.

The second half of the seminar discusses the various system components that make up the Multinet Gas distribution network.

It will cover gas supply arrangements, asset classes, network pressure ranges, pipe material types, network operation and some of the challenges faced in operating a gas distribution network.


Edwin DePrinse is Manager, National Transmission Operations, for APA Group. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of some 14,000 km of high pressure transmission pipelines that run across all mainland states of Australia. He has extensive experience in gas and oil pipeline businesses, and electricity networks infrastructure businesses, having held previous management positions in Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand.

Edwin is a qualified Mechanical Engineer (Bachelor), a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and The New Zealand Institute of Gas Engineers. He is currently:

  • on the Board of Energy Skills Queensland (ESQ), and
  • a Co-chair of the Government’s Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council Energy Sector Group (ESG).

Prateek Kateelkar works as an Asset Engineer at Multinet Gas Networks (MGN), Melbourne, Victoria. He is a Mechanical Engineer by background and also holds a Masters in Engineering Management from RMIT. He started off as a Graduate Engineer in 2010 and currently works in the Engineering and Materials team at MGN.

His key responsibilities include:

  • Development and updating of engineering standards,
  • Introduction of new materials and technologies,
  • Review and update of asset strategies,
  • Maintenance of asset integrity for the gas distribution and transmission system, and
  • Provision of technical support to capital projects.

His particular areas of interest are:

  • Pipeline Integrity,
  • Investigating new technologies for Gas Distribution, and
  • Pipeline Repair Methods.

About MEInetwork19 Seminar Series

Six seminars running from May to September will take participants through the natural gas supply chain. Specialists from industry and the University of Melbourne will present on the current state and future of Australian natural gas supply, transport, use and export. Attendance is open to MEInetwork19 partner organisations and graduate students. Following the seminars, participants and speakers will have the opportunity for further discussion and networking over food and drinks.

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