Energy, Community and the Region

Our Energy, Community and the Region program examines how individuals, communities and states rely on and interact with energy technologies and energy systems. Examination of equity and national development are features of this work.

Leader: Dr. Reihana Mohideen


  • Delivering social, environmental, gender & human rights impact assessments
  • Modelling and evaluating consumer behaviour, energy services & energy markets
  • Analysing big data, including social media & historic economic data
  • Analysing emerging energy technology trends, including access & uptake in Asia


  • Providing recommendations to local & state governments concerning energy transitions
  • Commissioned work for the Asian Development Bank on the energy transition in Asia & implications for social inclusion & gender equality
  • Advising Australian & other governments on community energy models & research programs to improve stakeholder engagement in infrastructure and services
  • Engaging with industry, academic institutions, governments & civil society to establish a ‘knowledge hub’ on the energy transition in Asia

Key researchers:

Dr. Adam Bumpus, Dr. David Byrne, Dr. Sangeetha Chandra-Shekeran, Prof. Ross Garnaut, Prof. Lee Godden, Prof. Fiona Haines, Dr. Leslie Martin, Dr. Reihana Mohideen

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