Energy Systems

The Energy Systems program considers how different energy technologies interact with one another. The program includes the analysis and optimisation of energy networks, wholesale and retail energy markets, and energy system planning.

Program Leader: Professor Pierluigi Mancarella


  • Energy network, system and market integration of renewable energy sources
  • Distributed energy resources and smart gridsIntegrated energy networks and multi-energy systems (electricity, fuels, heat, cooling, transport)
  • Risk and resilience assessment of future energy systems
  • Demand modelling using randomised control trials, big data and machine learning
  • Retail energy markets and consumer behaviourWholesale energy market design and operations


  • Modelling work commissioned by the Finkel Review
  • AEMO Expert Advisory Panel membership
  • AEMO demand and reserves forecasting using AMI data and machine learning approaches
  • Modelling of electricity consumer behaviour for Billcap, Click Energy and Simply Energy
  • Collaborations with AEMC and AER on power system resilience

Key Researchers

  • Professor Lu Aye
  • Professor Michael Brear
  • Associate Professor David Byrne
  • Associate Prof Robert Crawford
  • Professor Rob Evans
  • Professor RossvGarnaut
  • Professor Terry Jones
  • Professor Chris Leckie
  • Professor Pierluigi Mancarella
  • Professor Chris Manzie
  • Dr Leslie Martin

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