Environment and Energy Resources

Our Environment and Energy Resources program examines the manifold interactions between our energy systems and our environment. This program looks closely at energy resource extraction, carbon dioxide sources and sinks as well as atmospheric and geo-chemistry.

Leader: Dr. Robyn Schofield


  • Air quality & health impacts
  • Environmental chemistry & fluid dynamics
  • Geology & geochemistry of oil, gas & other basin resources including carbon storage
  • Modelling of the carbon cycle & climate change
  • Resource economics
  • Resource law


  • Deepen our understanding of geological carbon storage for BHP
  • Determine anthropogenic trace gas distribution & residence time to inform UNFCCC processes
  • Model the consequences of nations’ energy policies to inform governments & UNFCCC
  • Measuring & forecasting air pollutants in cities to inform urban design & policy development

Key researchers:

Prof. Peter Cook, Prof. Michael Crommelin, Prof. Shyamali Dharmage, Prof. John Freebairn, Prof. Lee Godden, Prof. Ralf Haese, Prof. Stephan Matthai, A/Prof. Malte Meinhausen, Prof. Jason Monty, Prof. Peter Rayner, Prof. Mike Sandiford, Dr. Robyn Schofield, Prof. Mark Stevenson, Prof. Doreen Thomas

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