Environment and Resources

The Environment and Resources Program examines the interactions between our energy systems and the environment. This program examines energy resource extraction and use, and how current energy systems influence environmental and human health, including legal and economic implications and opportunities.


  • Air quality and health impacts
  • Environmental chemistry and fluid dynamics
  • Geology and geochemistry of oil, gas and other basin resources including carbon storage
  • Modelling of the carbon cycle and climate change
  • Resource economics
  • Resource law


  • Deepen our understanding and minimise uncertainties in geological carbon storage for CO2CRC, ANLEC R&D and BHP Determine anthropogenic trace gas distribution and residence time to inform UNFCCC processes
  • Model the consequences of nations’ energy policies to inform governments and UNFCCC
  • Measuring and forecasting air pollutants in cities to inform urban design and policy development

Key Researchers

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