Zero Emission Energy Laboratory

The Zero Emission Energy Laboratory is an initiative to foster the knowledge, connections, and technologies needed for a clean energy transition.

Supporting the transition to clean energy

ZEE Lab works with industry to support the clean energy transition, including building the workforce needed to make it happen.

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What is the ZEE Lab?

The Zero Emission Energy Laboratory – ZEE Lab for short – is an initiative coordinated by the Melbourne Energy Institute that connects research and industry to codevelop solutions and innovations for a clean energy transition.

The ZEE Lab Internship Program offers talented graduate students paid placements with industry hosts, with the aim of creating new technologies, establishing clean tech jobs, supporting clean energy and transport start-ups, and offering training and employment opportunities in the energy sector.

Some areas now under exploration include wind and solar forecasting tools, utility-scale energy storage, updated software for renewable-rich grids, advanced hydrogen technologies, and technologies for hydrogen and electric-powered transportation.

The initiative is supported by $4.7 million in State Government funding via the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund, matched by cash and in-kind funding from the University of Melbourne and industry.

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Meet our ZEE Lab interns

The ZEE Lab Internship Program places outstanding graduate students from science, engineering, business and other relevant backgrounds with industry. In 2021-2022, a first round of 17 interns completed a 12-week paid placement with industry partners.

Applications have now closed for the second round of internships. Organisations interested in hosting an intern are encouraged to contact MEI. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on future rounds.

Sheida Shadpour paired with Ekistica to work on solar farm analysis.

Yu (Cherry) Zhong was hosted by CO2CRC to work on hydrogen storage.

Shawn Ingle worked with Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd on ‘micromobility hubs’.

Chelsea Christy worked with EPSA to develop a solar-optimising algorithm for hybrid microgrids.

Angela Keyte applied her chemistry skills at Arup to support work on green hydrogen.

Kevin Yang

Kevin Yang put data science into practice at Meridian Energy's Mount Mercer wind farm.

We are profiling ZEE Lab interns throughout the year. Watch this space to find out more.

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