Energy Systems Seminar Series

Monthly seminars that lead participants through critical aspects of the energy supply chain, presented by specialists from industry and the University of Melbourne.


The aim of the MEInetwork Seminar Series is to give participants a sound understanding of the current technical and economic factors that underpin the Australian energy system. Knowledge of these market factors is critical in determining the changes required to move towards a clean energy system.

Each year, the Seminar Series takes a deep dive into  the complete supply and value chain of one of our primary energy vectors. In 2022, the MEInetwork22 Seminar Series will be comprised of seven seminars covering the gas supply chain, including discussion of the prospects of hydrogen displacing natural gas.

Guest speakers

The seminars are delivered by specialists from industry and the University.

Topics and dates

The MEInetwork22 seminar topics are listed below. Further information, including how to register, will be released via MEI's monthly newsletter prior to the event. Subscribe to receive the MEI newsletter.

Conventional and unconventional natural gas - Mr Steve Henzell, Advisian10 May 2022
Gas markets and gas retailingJune 2022
Liquefied natural gas and export - Ms Carolyn Au, Shell5 July 2022
Natural gas and hydrogen transmission and distributionAugust
Green hydrogen as an alternative to natural gasSeptember
Blue hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas - Mr Hirofumi Kawazoe, Kawasaki Heavy IndustriesOctober
Options for hydrogen exportNovember

Past series

Since 2018, the MEInetwork Seminar Series has aimed to give participants a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary overview of the energy sector as it faces the challenges of reliability, affordability and reducing emissions.

Each year, the focus is turned to one of our primary energy vectors, cycling through the major topics of electricity (in 2018 and 2021), natural gas (2019 and 2022) and energy commodities (2020, and coming soon in 2023). Seminar recordings are available from 2021 onwards.


View recordings and slides from last year's MEInetwork21 Seminar Series focused on the electricity supply chain:

Seminar #1 - System overview: From generation to customer. Presented by Tom Walker, Senior Economist with the Australian Energy Market Commission,  17 June 2021.

Seminar #2 - Transmission and distribution networks. Presented by John Theunissen, Manager DER Integration at AusNet Services,  29 July 2021.

Seminar #3 -  Wholesale markets. Presented by Paul Austin, Group Manager Market Insights at the Australian Energy Market Operator, 19 August 2021.

Seminar #4 -  Financial markets. Presented by Rob Koh, Lead Research Analyst for Australian Utilities, Infrastructure and ESG at Morgan Stanley,  16 September 2021.

Seminar #5 - Retail markets. Presented by Nick Sissons, Head of Emerging Technology at Hydro Tasmania, 21 October 2021.

Seminar #6 - Demand response and virtual power plants. Presented by Prof Pierluigi Mancarella, Energy Systems Program Leader, MEI, 18 November 2021.


In 2020, the MEInetwork20 Seminar Series focused on internationally traded energy commodities, including fossil, nuclear, and emerging clean energy exports.


The 2019 seminar series covered the current state and future of Australia’s natural gas supply, transport, use and export. The prospects of hydrogen displacing natural gas were also discussed.


The MEInetwork was started by MEI in 2018, with a series of seminar that led participants through the electricity supply chain.

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