Energy Systems Seminar Series

Monthly seminars that lead participants through critical aspects of the energy supply chain.


The aim of the MEInetwork Seminar Series is to give participants a sound understanding of the current technical, regulatory and economic factors that underpin the Australian energy system. Knowledge of these market factors is critical in determining the changes required to move towards a clean energy system.

In 2020, the MEInetwork Seminar Series program will be comprised of seven lectures covering energy commodities. The seminars will begin in April and continue through to October.

Each seminar is limited to 50 participants. The seminars are open to MEInetwork20 partners and their invited guests, as well as University of Melbourne students and staff.


  • Coal - from the mine to the customer
  • Distribution and marketing of crude oil and its products
  • Natural gas liquefaction and export
  • Uranium mining and refining
  • Hydrogen and related, zero emission exports
  • Energy commodity trading
  • Regulation and taxation of exported energy resources.

Guest Speakers

The seminars will be delivered by specialists from industry and the University.

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