AEMO Q2 Quarterly Dynamics seminar


The Malaysian Theatre,
University of Melbourne,
Masson Rd, Parkville VIC


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Anita La Rosa

T: +61 03 9035 8119

AEMO has recently published its Q2 Quarterly Energy Dynamics, providing energy market participants, businesses, consumers, governments and the wider energy community with information on the market dynamics, trends and outcomes during Q2 2018 (1 April to 30 June 2018). This Quarterly Energy Dynamics report also incorporates analysis on the energy markets in Western Australia for the first time.

At this seminar, AEMO will discuss key findings from the Q2 report including drivers of declining wholesale electricity and gas prices across most regions, key changes in the electricity supply mix including hydro generation (the highest Q2 result on record), and higher wind and solar generation.  Electricity contract markets, gas markets and interventions will also be discussed.

The Melbourne Energy Institute is pleased to host AEMO’s Farhad Billimoria, Senior Markets Analyst, and Dr Jonathan Myrtle, Senior Energy Market Analysts, to discuss these and other key findings from the latest AEMO report.


Farhad Billimoria is an energy professional with over thirteen years of global energy experience. He has covered electricity (renewable and conventional) and gas markets across Australia, New York and California. He is currently with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) responsible for the analysis and development of electricity and gas markets in Australia. Farhad has also had roles as an Energy and Infrastructure Specialist at the State of California (CalPERS) and as Vice President at AMP Capital in New York. Farhad has a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering and Law (Honours), and a Masters (Energy Systems) from the University of Melbourne with a focus on energy market modelling, forecasting and system design.

Dr Jonathan Myrtle is an energy and climate professional working at the Australian Energy Market Operator. Jonathan’s expertise includes: advising on the integration of climate and energy policy; quantifying the market impact of regulatory changes; and analysing trends and outcomes in Australia’s energy markets. In his current role, Jonathan is passionate about providing independent advice on the challenges and opportunities in Australia’s energy markets during the transition to a low emissions future.

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