AEMO Q4 2019 Quarterly Dynamics seminar

Image for AEMO Q4 2019 Quarterly Dynamics seminar

Malaysian Theatre,
The University of Melbourne,
Masson Rd, Parkville VIC


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The Melbourne Energy Institute is pleased to host the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) as they present the findings of their latest Quarterly Energy Dynamics report.

The latest report, which you can view here, covers market dynamics, trends and outcomes during Q4 2019 (1 October to 31 December).

Each report extracts key trends based on observable data and provides the market with an independent and unbiased analysis of the energy market. An objective source of information is critical for decision making, planning and policy across industry participants, investors and government.

At this seminar, AEMO will discuss key findings of the Q4 report including: extreme heat and bushfires in December triggering the need for emergency energy reserves; wholesale electricity and gas prices falling sharply; and sunny and dry conditions affecting the generation supply mix.

AEMO’s Dr Jonathan Myrtle, Team Leader – Market Insights, will outline the Q4 report.


Dr Jonathan Myrtle, Team Leader – Market Insights, AEMO

Dr Jonathan Myrtle is an energy and climate professional working at the Australian Energy Market Operator. Jonathan’s expertise includes: advising on the integration of climate and energy policy; quantifying the market impact of regulatory changes; and analysing trends and outcomes in Australia’s energy markets. In his current role, Jonathan is passionate about providing independent advice on the challenges and opportunities in Australia’s energy markets during the transition to a low emissions future.

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