Book Launch: Responsible Mining

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Dr Sara Bice, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Research Fellow, makes the case that “responsible mining” is not only needed but is possible.

Based on more than a decade of experience in working with remote communities living with the impacts of mining, from Papua New Guinea to outback Australia, Bice outlines five principles that are necessary to turn responsible mining from the realms of the possible to reality. She works through the stages of holistic assessment, community-based agreement making, ethical decision making, appropriate boundaries and good-governance, with practical examples of how, and how not to implement them, all the while illuminating the subject with engaging tales from her own experiences.

The recent tragic events of Samarco in Brazil highlight both the necessity for, and the changing recognition of, mining responsibility. "Responsible Mining" is a timely and important contribution, that should be a must read for all interested in ensuring mining can deliver the promise of optimal benefits for all stakeholders. 

Noble cause or weasel words? Join us to find out.

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