Energy Futures Seminar: The Future of Clean Coal?

Copland Theatre
The Spot
Berkeley Street, The University of Melbourne


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Caitlin McGrane

T: +61 3 9035 9458

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution coal has played a central role in building the world as we know it today. For Australia, coal has been a dominant energy source and a major export commodity.

Yet in a world committed to global decarbonisation, as represented by the Paris Climate Agreement, coal will have a future only if its emissions are dramatically reduced. However, the case for “clean coal” may be hard to make in a world where alternatives are becoming increasingly cheaper and the cost of new coal plants or refurbishing old ones remains very high.

In our first Future Energy forum of 2017, join our Panel to explore whether clean coal is a crucial step in the transition towards a net zero emissions economy or an expensive and retrograde step that will be almost impossible to finance.


Tania Constable, Chief Executive Officer, CO2CRC
Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies Australasia, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
Michael Brear, Director Melbourne Energy Institute and Professor of Engineering, The University of Melbourne

MC - Maxine McKew, Vice Chancellor’s Fellow, The University of Melbourne

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