MEI Symposium 2019

Melbourne School of Design
Masson Road
Parkville, Vic 3010


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The Melbourne Energy Institute is holding its second Symposium, showcasing the University of Melbourne’s multi-disciplinary energy research across four themes:

  • Energy Systems
  • Power Generation and Transport
  • Hydrogen and Clean Fuels
  • Environment and Resources

Hear from our remarkable graduate students and research staff on cutting edge energy research in diverse areas across The University.

We are honoured to have Dr Kerry Schott AO, Chair of the Energy Security Board, as the opening Keynote, as well as topical seminars that include the following:

Designing the next energy market
Dr Kerry Schott AO, Chair of the Energy Security Board

Unlocking Bottom-Up Services: From DER Integration to Orchestration
Prof. Nando Ochoa, Professor of Smart Grids and Power Systems at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne

Emerging issues in Energy Delivery
Prof. Gerard Ledwich, Chair in Power Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Queensland University of Technology

Resilient Energy Infrastructure: Risk and Legal Responses
Prof. Lee Godden, Director, Centre for Resources Energy and Environmental Law, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Air quality assessment and management
Dr. Andrea Hinwood, Chief Environmental Scientist, EPA Victoria

Simulation and data-driven modeling to improve gas turbines
Prof. Richard Sandberg, Leader, MEI’s Power Generation and Transport Program and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

Clean Fuels from Hydrogen – a case study of Dimethyl Ether (DME)
Prof. Paul Webley, MEI’s Hydrogen and Clean Fuels Program and Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne

Emerging electrochemical technologies for hydrogen and ammonia production
Dr. HyungKuk Ju, Research Scientist, Electrochemical Energy Systems at CSIRO Energy


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