The Science of Electricity Show

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Treasury Lecture Theatre
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St,
Melbourne VIC 3000


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Dr Niraj Lal

Energy industry workers are invited to attend a 'down-to-earth energy explainer' taught by Dr Niraj Lal.

The show goes back to the basics of electricity, explains the jargon worth knowing, outlines how the NEM works, and presents a glimpse into our global electrical future. Learn how to talk about energy through hands-on demonstrations, electromagnetic dance and a game of the ‘The Kilowatt-hour is Right!’.

Dr Niraj Lal is currently the presenter of ABC SCIENCEY, a Senior Analyst in Renewable Energy Strategy with  the Victorian Government, Physics Consultant to the ARC Centre of  Excellence for Exciton Science, Visiting Fellow with the ANU Centre of  Sustainable Energy Systems, Director of First Principles and Founder of

To find out more about the event view the flyer here.

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