Energy Hack 16 Video

Check out the video from Energy Hack 16!

The inaugural Energy Hack, co-hosted by the Melbourne Energy Institute and Powershop brought together over a hundred participants from a variety of backgrounds, ages and skill-sets (some of whom had no background in energy) to participate in a weekend full of innovation, technology and community-driven power. Team Plant Lovers won the Hack for their idea using machine learning to improve energy efficiency.  

“Existing energy services don’t use the full potential of big data to provide deep insights for consumers,” said Plant Lovers co-founder Zahra Ghafoori. “We will use recent breakthroughs in machine learning techniques to dig into data and improve individual and collective intelligence on energy usage.”

The event harnessed the consumer-driven power of the energy revolution forging the transition to renewable energies to create sustainable futures. “If we could have bottled the energy that was in that room we could have solved Australia’s energy problem overnight,” says Chris Murphy, Powershop's strategic advisor and one of our judges at the event.  

Take a look at the video below showcasing our event.

Panel of Judges
Michael Brear, Director Melbourne Energy Institute
Georgia Beattie, CEO StartUp Victoria
Dominique Fisher, Director LaunchVic
Chris Murphy, Strategic Advisor Powershop Australia
Jason Bagg, The Myer Family Investments
Paul Breen, Founder Powershop Australia and Serial Entrepreneur

Energy Institute Melbourne & Powershop -- Energy Hack '16-HD from Caitlin McGrane on Vimeo.

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