Podcast: Between Gas and Renewables

Listen to Mariangela Guidolin, PhD, on how renewable energies will need to interact with existing systems.

Social acceptance, community involvement and adequate incentive measures are essential elements for making renewables a competitive solution with respect to fossil fuels and ensure their integration into the existing energy system. In order to investigate such integration process, we analyze the temporal dynamics of substitution between non renewable and renewable energy sources by applying multivariate innovation diffusion models, allowing to describe simultaneously time series of consumption of energy sources (gas, wind and solar) and estimate how competition between these affects the evolution of each source of energy.

Mariangela Guidolin, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in Economic Statistics at the University of Padua, Department of Statistical Sciences, Italy. Born in 1978, she has had research experiences at University of Padua and University of Venice, Ca′ Foscari. Her current research interests include innovation diffusion models, technological forecasting, emerging energy trends.

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