Podcast: The role of battery storage in the energy transition?

Missed our event on the role of large-scale battery storage? Listen to the audio here.

Energy storage is a potential solution to the critical challenges facing our power grid today. In Australia, we have felt the volatility of our power supply with recent blackouts in South Australia, and we will continue to feel the impacts of a system in transition with the closure of the Victorian Hazelwood power station.

This seminar looked at the market results and outlooks that could follow grid-scale battery storage roll out in the US, and our panel of technical and business experts explored the potential of storage in the Australian context. Could it be a solution for Australia and will it help deliver affordable, reliable energy?

John Jung the CEO of Greensmith Energy, the leading grid-level battery provider in the United States, spoke to his experience delivering the major market share of grid scale battery storage in the US. The panel will also include: Professor Terry Jones who talked about the potential use of batteries for grid stability, Chris Murphy considers batteries as part of the Virtual Power Plant concept, while Professor Ross Garnaut looked at the Zen Energy and Greensmith partnership and the opportunity that this provides for Australia.

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