Spotlight on a Student: Natalya Turkina

Corporate Responsibility as Embedded Agency

Natalya Turkina

What is your research about?

Drawing on the comparative case study of a multinational corporation’s (MNC) responsibility toward communities in Australia and Mongolia, I uncover the causal mechanisms of corporate responsibility (CR) as embedded agency. I look at how a MNC and its stakeholders contest and reconcile CR toward communities, whilst being culturally and structurally embedded in the fields around this issue. By doing so, I move the institutional analysis of CR forward, permitting a more complete understanding of how CR is instituted and (de)institutionalised.

Who are your supervisors?

During the last almost 4 years I have been supervised by an amazing team of three supervisors – Dr. Ben Neville, Dr. Sara Bice and Prof. Peter Gahan. Bringing expertise from the various fields of research from the Management and Marketing Department and the Melbourne School of Government, they have set a high bar for my PhD accomplishments.

What do you want to do next?

After completing the PhD program, I am planning to continue doing high quality conceptual and empirical research and teaching on the various business and society topics. I am intrigued by such topics as ‘responsible leadership’, ‘dehumanisation’, ‘health and safety’ and ‘indigenous sustainability practices’ in Australia and other APEC countries.

Natalya,, and her supervisors, Dr. Sara Bice,, Dr. Ben Neville, and Prof. Peter Gahan, warmly welcome any enquiries about this research.

More Information

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