MEInetwork18 Seminar Series exploring energy systems of the future

Energy Systems Seminar Series launched with guest speakers from AEMO.

On Wednesday 11 July, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) presented the opening Energy Systems Seminar, first providing a power system overview and then looking at consumer demand. The lecture sets the scene for upcoming seminars in the MEInetwork18 Energy Systems seminar series.

John Deere, Senior Engineer, Operations Planning at AEMO, gave an introduction to the National Electricity Market, identifying the major elements involved in the power system and market .

A variety of generation types, network service providers and markets interact to deliver energy. John discussed the way in which organisations and energy delivery have evolved, as technology and system conditions continually change. Rooftop PV and household battery penetration; smart metering; internet of things; state and federal energy policy and emissions schemes have been game changers for energy markets.

Consumers now have more information about their energy consumption at their finger-tips than ever before. A more conscientious and engaged group of consumers are emerging. This has contributed to one of the most challenging but interesting times in forecasting energy demand in Australia’s energy markets. Chris Mock, Stream Lead, and Ruchira Ray, Senior Economist, both from AEMO’s Consumer Analytics and Forecasting group, discussed how consumer demand has changed and the challenges involved in forecasting. This was followed by a look at 'a day in the life of a demand forecaster'.

About MEInetwork18 Energy Systems Seminar Series

Eleven seminars running from July to December will take participants through each part of the electricity supply chain. Specialists from the industry and the University of Melbourne will present on the current and future state of energy supply in Australia and beyond. Following the seminars, participants and speakers will have the opportunity for further discussion and networking over food and drinks.

Participation is open to employees of our partner organisations and University of Melbourne graduate students. If you wish to attend and are an employee of our partner organisations, or a graduate student please contact Ruby Brown via

While seminar participation is limited to select groups, the upcoming Energy Hack 18 is open to the public, as well as a range of events hosted by the Melbourne Energy Institute.

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