MUSE Seminar Slides

Access the slide presentation from our event that explored MUSE, a new Integrated Assessment Model framework developed at Imperial College London.

With more innovative low-carbon technologies, increasing energy demands and the threat of climate change, the energy and land use systems are constantly evolving. Integrated assessment models (IAMs) are used to make sense of these complexities, and study how changes can be managed.

On Monday September 3rd, Dr Ivan Garcia Kerdan, Research Associate in the Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI) at Imperial College London,  presented an IAM called MUSE (ModUlar energy system Simulation Environment) at the University of Melbourne.

MUSE simulates energy systems and land use transitions over long time horizons, with a partial equilibrium on the energy system provided by iterative microeconomic supply-demand market clearing for each energy commodity.

It models the whole energy system with a high degree of technical detail and simulates the behaviour of real investors under different scenarios.

Results from the this IAM focus on analysing the effects of carbon-constrained policies on the global energy system as well as forecasting the replacement of the existing technologies and fuel switching.

Find out more through the presentation slide pack.

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