Professor Dan Li's successful ARC grant outcomes

Dan Li, Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Melbourne, has recently been successful in two ARC grant outcomes.

His successful ARC Laureate Fellowship on Nanoionics: Engineering ion transport with two dimensional materials will develop technological innovations, particularly relevant to electrochemical devices such as batteries and fuel cells. This project aims to use graphene and other emerging two-dimensional materials to investigate and manipulate ion transport in nanoscale channels. Nanoionics focuses on understanding ions for transport and storage in nanoscale systems, central to numerous technologies related to water, energy and biomedicine.

The project will provide sophisticated methods for revolutionary technological innovations to solve problems in several industries including manufacturing, mining, water management and bioengineering. Providing access to previously unavailable structures and materials, the project will support Australia’s manufacturing sector by transforming established industries with next generation technologies. It will also build capacity of nanoionics engineers and provide intellectual property for commercialised products.

Professor Li has also been successful in the recently announced ARC Training Centre for Future Energy Storage Technologies and will support lead Professor Maria Forsyth Deakin University in achieving research that will support Australia's role as a leader in this area. The Centre aims to equip the next generation of researchers and the energy technology workforce with the skills needed to drive innovation, exploration and investigation necessary to safeguard our workers and industries. It aims to challenge existing thinking and expand Australia’s capacity in energy storage and production.

The expectations are to create new knowledge and intellectual property in advanced energy materials, batteries and battery-control systems for integration into end user industries. This Centre will facilitate small to medium-sized enterprises to take a global leadership role in advancing and producing new age storage technologies. By harnessing the expertise of researchers and industry partners the Centre aims to deliver benefit to our economy, the community and the environment.

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