Submission on 'Clean Air for All Victorians' Victoria’s Air Quality Statement

A group of experts have entered a submission to ‘Clean Air for All Victorians’, using their diverse knowledge to provide a vision for Victoria’s Air Quality Statement.

The authors and groups draw upon a wide expertise from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Energy Institute, Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, and the Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research.

The submission answers each of the seven questions raised in the statement regarding actions to improve air quality. Based on the current evidence, the group has proposed numerous tangible actions of varying difficulty and urgency for the State Government to consider to improve Victoria’s air quality and to lower exposure to air pollutants of all Victorians.

The first recommendation is a significant reduction of fossil fuel power generation and internal combustion engine transport, with careful planning, evaluation and implementation of alternatives to ensure that overall health, social and environmental gains are achieved. A total phase-out of fossil fuel electricity and internal combustion engine transport will require careful and strategic planning and will take time. Provided in the paper are a number of suggestions on other actions that can be taken to reduce air pollution in the meantime.

Secondly, the submission recommends to substantially increase capabilities in real-time measurement of air pollutants. This information is essential to inform decisions on what actions to take and when, and ensure that any action taken is effective and in a timely manner. Additionally, real-time measurements can advance model development to eventually provide forecasts and warnings for Victorians and emergency care agencies. The paper suggests the development of a network of internationally recognized particulate matter measurement sites and collaboration with the international community to improve the estimates of particulate matter exposure from satellites.

The final recommendation is a widespread education campaign that transcends sectors and demographics to inform Victorians about the health risks of air pollution. This should include what people can do to reduce individual exposures, how they can obtain reliable information and what actions they can take to protect health of their own and the community.

Read the full submission here.

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