Unravelling the enigma of turbulence by integrating simulation and modelling

Prof. Richard Sandberg, MEI's Energy Technology Program Leader, has recently received an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship for his research into designing quieter and more efficient aerospace technologies.

Airplane take off

Running from May 2020 to May 2023, the $1.3 million project is co-funded by the ARC research grant and the University of Melbourne, and aims to examine affordable and efficient transport and energy generation.

This project will develop an internationally leading research capability in understanding and predicting turbulence and noise in these areas, with long-term impacts.

Through collaboration with industry partners, the anticipated discoveries and data-driven turbulence and noise modelling approaches will enable design of more efficient and quieter aircraft, and more reliable and lower-cost power generation. This will enhance economic productivity through lower electricity costs and an expansion of air travel and global trade.

Reduced emissions and less noise pollution will protect Australian communities and will have a positive impact on the environment.

The project is one of 15 grants awarded to researchers across multiple University of Melbourne faculties, with the combined grants totalling $13.8 million.

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