Webinar recording: Using operating envelopes to ensure network integrity - from concept to reality

View the recording of MEI's recent public webinar

Australia has almost 1 in 4 houses with solar photovoltaic systems and more than 100,000 residential batteries. These technologies, known as Distributed Energy Resources, are also creating opportunities for their owners to provide services to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) through aggregators. As a result, power distribution companies need to ensure the integrity of their poles and wires. One solution is the use of operating envelopes.

In this recent webinar hosted by MEI, Luis(Nando) Ochoa and Michael Liu from the University of Melbourne, John Theunissen from AusNet Services and Nick Regan from AEMO, discussed the benefits and challenges associated with its implementation on real networks as part of the $28-million Australian Renewable Energy Agency-funded Project EDGE. Learn more about the University of Melbourne's role in Project EDGE here.

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