Power Generation and Transport

The Power Generation and Transport Program brings together researchers who investigate several forms of renewable and low emission power plants for stationary and mobile applications. This includes advanced wind, solar, gas turbine, reciprocating engine and energy storage technologies.


  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Conventional and alternative fuels and emissions chemistry
  • Gas turbine, reciprocating engine, hybrid and electric powertrain dynamics and optimisation
  • Wind turbines/farms, solar PV and energy storage dynamics and optimisation
  • Low drag vehicles for land, sea and air
  • Materials for advanced photovoltaics, displays, lighting, and high temperature applications
  • Advanced computational methods and machine learning in energy applications


  • Energy efficient lighting for CSIRO and partners
  • Propulsion, engines and fuels for Ford, DST Group and MHI
  • Improved aircraft engine aerodynamics for General Electric
  • High temperature material for the Australian Defence Force
  • Modelling of real-world, solar PV performance across Australia with AEMO
  • Operational forecasting of wind and solar farm power generation with Meridian Energy Australia and others

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