Master of Energy Systems

The Master of Energy Systems examines the technology, business and science of energy.…

This program integrates the study of the technology, business and science of energy, focusing on the key areas of: evaluating energy systems; energy-related investment decisions; policy development and implementation; and greenhouse gas management issues.


The Master of Energy Systems examines the technology and business of energy. The program is led by University specialists in engineering, science, business and economics, and will suit graduates in all of these fields. Graduates will acquire the skills to make informed decisions about energy issues that incorporate technical, economic, environmental and social considerations. The program has close links with industry and potential future employers.

Careers in Energy

The Master of Energy Systems program will prepare graduates for careers in energy-related roles in industry and government. Graduates will find employment in a wide range of areas, including roles in technical and business consultancy, government, sustainability management, energy and greenhouse audit, energy market analysis and banking.

These roles include:

  • Evaluating the technical and economic performance of energy systems
  • Energy-related investment decisions
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Greenhouse gas and pollutant reporting, regulation and compliance

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