Gippsland geothermal mapping and cost analysis tool — information gathering and geothermal economic algorithms

In June 2020, the Latrobe Valley Authority awarded a $180,000 grant to UoM to conduct a 12 month project (July 2020 – June 2021) in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Victoria to undertake preliminary work towards developing mapping and economic assessment tools for geothermal energy in Gippsland. One stream of UoM’s role in the project is to construct thermal energy demand curves for a series of ‘standard’ geothermal energy end uses (e.g. greenhouses, barramundi farms, spa resorts, district heating) in consultation with existing and potential operators. The intern will assist the Lead Researcher on this task. Specific duties might include helping to define the ‘standard’ cases, working with commercial operators to understand their requirements for process heat as a function of time (diurnal and annual), gathering ancillary data (e.g. weather records), and integrating all information into a series of heat demand projections. The 12-week internship is most likely to run from October to December 2020.

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