Organisational determinants of the uptake and performance of energy efficiency initiatives

This project will investigate the degree to which the pursuit and success of energy efficiency initiatives  depends on (a) where responsibility for such initiatives sits within an organisation; and (b) the background of the responsible individual(s). It is motivated by two observations:

  • Informants in sectors as diverse as infrastructure, banking and healthcare that energy efficiency initiatives are often either not pursued or not successful despite relatively clear economic payoffs, established technologies and clear environmental benefit.
  • Preliminary research has revealed significant variation across firms in the level (functional, business unit, corporate) and area (e.g., procurement, finance, corporate affairs, people and culture) at which responsibility for such initiatives resides. There is also variation in the backgrounds (business, policy, scientific/ technical) of the responsible individuals.

We believe these organisational factors may play an important and under-appreciated role in determining the number, type and success of energy efficiency initiatives a firm pursues. The initial 12 week project will include (a) reviewing the relevant scholarly literature, (b) systematically mapping where responsibility for energy efficiency sits in companies across multiple sectors in Australia, and; (c) beginning to develop a specific research question to be pursued during doctoral study.

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