MEI Strategic Scholarships

Melbourne Energy Institute Strategic Scholarships -
Research Training Program (RTP)

The University of Melbourne offers generous and comprehensive scholarship opportunities to recognise talent and support graduate researchers.

The Melbourne Energy Institute has three Strategic Scholarships available for high-achieving graduate students undertaking energy research at the University of Melbourne. The scholarships are available each year to domestic students commencing their PhD.

  • Eligibility and selection criteria

    MEI Strategic Scholarships are available to domestic candidates undertaking a PhD at the University of Melbourne.

    To be selected for the scholarship, the recipient must:

    • have completed tertiary studies that are at least equivalent to a 4-year honours degree at an Australian university with a minimum result equivalent to a first-class Honours (80%);
    • have not completed a PhD previously;
    • be made a PhD course offer to study at the University of Melbourne;
    • commence their PhD in the new calendar year; and
    • can demonstrate that their PhD relates to energy research.

    Strategic scholarship recipients need to meet one of the following:

    • Have a named co-supervisor or collaborator from a partner institution* outside Australia, and intend to either spend at least two months during their PhD at the international collaborating institution or undertake research overseas.


    • Have a named co-supervisor from an academic division different to the primary supervisor where this deepens or creates collaboration.


    *noting “partner institution” is defined as either a University-wide strategic research partner or an Institute/Faculty-level research partner as defined within their Research Strategy, or a new partner of demonstrable value to the Faculty, subject to ADGR approval.

  • Application process

    In order to apply for a Strategic Scholarship from the Melbourne Energy Institute, applicants must:

    • provide a copy of their course offer letter (which includes student ID and name);
    • details of which allocation principle they will meet; and
    • show how their PhD relates to energy research.

    Contact for more information.

  • More information

    Read more about graduate research scholarships available at the University of Melbourne.

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