Energy Futures: Burning gas in a net-zero world?

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The Commonwealth Government, the Opposition, all state and territory governments, and many businesses are committed to a target of net zero emissions. The Commonwealth has resisted committing to a 2050 timeline. So far, almost all the policy and investment focus has been on electricity, representing about a third of Australia’s emissions. Yet, natural gas contributes almost 20% of Australia’s emissions and reducing those emissions looks challenging.

A panel moderated by MEI’s Energy Systems Program Leader, Prof. Pierluigi Mancarella, and comprising Guy Dundas, Energy Fellow at Grattan Institute, Lynne Gallagher, Interim CEO of Energy Consumers Australia, and Andrew Dillon, CEO of Energy Networks Australia, will unravel what this future holds for gas network businesses and consumers and the policy challenges for governments.

This online public forum is jointly supported by the Melbourne Energy Institute and Grattan Institute as one of our Future Energy Series.


Andrew Dillon, CEO, Energy Networks Australia
Guy Dundas, Energy Fellow, Grattan Institute
Lynne Gallagher, Interim CEO, Energy Consumers Australia


Pierluigi Mancarella, Melbourne Energy Institute Energy Systems Program Leader and Chair Professor of Electrical Power Systems, University of Melbourne

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