MEInetwork21 seminar #4: Financial markets

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Several financial instruments are already used for a variety of purposes in our National Electricity Market. These include the management of risk for both generators and customers, but also for environmental reasons.

In our upcoming MEInetwork21 seminar, Rob Koh, Equity Research Analyst at Morgan Stanley, will examine the interplay between capital, financial markets, and energy markets. Fundamental concepts and established financial instruments will be discussed. Time permitting, Rob will also discuss emerging financial instruments and what innovations may be required as we decarbonise.


Rob Koh
Equity Research Analyst - Australia Infrastructure, Utilities and ESG
Morgan Stanley

Rob Koh joined Morgan Stanley in 2014 and is lead research analyst for Australia utilities, infrastructure, and ESG. Prior to MS, Rob worked as a banker at ANZ and a currency trader at First Chicago.


Professor Michael Brear
Director, Melbourne Energy Institute
The University of Melbourne

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