MEInetwork21 Seminar #6 - Demand response and virtual power plants

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With increasing penetration level of distributed energy resources (DER) and the advent of two-sided markets, the role of demand response (DR) and different DER aggregation schemes such as virtual power plants (VPPs) is becoming more and more prominent.

Join MEI’s Energy Systems Program Leader Professor Pierluigi Mancarella as he discusses the fundamental techno-economic, commercial and regulatory aspects of DR and VPPs, and how DER aggregations can provide flexibility and grid services and participate in local and system-level markets. He will also explore recent and ongoing projects and research activities in Australia, UK, and Europe.


Professor Pierluigi Mancarella
Program Leader, Energy Systems
Melbourne Energy Institute
Chair of Electrical Power Systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The University of Melbourne

Pierluigi Mancarella is Chair Professor of Electrical Power Systems at the University of Melbourne (Australia) and Professor of Smart Energy Systems at The University of Manchester (UK). Pierluigi is the Energy Systems Program Lead at the Melbourne Energy Institute, an IEEE Power and Energy Society Distinguished Lecturer, the Convenor of the Cigre C6/C2.34 Working Group on “Flexibility provision from distributed energy resources”, holds the 2017 veski Innovation Fellowship for his work on urban-scale virtual power plants, and is a recipient of an international Newton Prize 2018 for his work on power system resilience in Chile.


Terry Jones
Enterprise Senior Fellow and Project Manager
Melbourne Energy Institute, The University of Melbourne

Event details

Please be advised that this event will now be held fully online, with an earlier start time of 1pm.

Date: Thursday 18 November 2021
Time:  1.00pm - 2.00pm AEDT

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