Moving South-East Asia to Clean Energy

Image for Moving South-East Asia to Clean Energy

7pm (Singapore / Kuala Lumpur / Manila)
6pm (Jakarta / Hanoi / Bangkok)
4.30pm (New Delhi)

Global warming will reshape our entire planet in the 21st century and beyond. However, its effects will be felt particularly in the tropics should emissions continue to rise. In such circumstances, transitioning to clean sources of energy is imperative. But how can the region make this transition – and what impact will it have on the urban and rural spaces we live in?

The University of Melbourne is excited to bring together some of its prominent South-East Asian alumni and academics on a multi-national panel to discuss this question, hosted by Professor Michael Brear, Director of the Melbourne Energy Institute.

Our speakers are:

  • Alissa Raj, City Adviser – C40 Cities
  • Arif Utomo, Program Manager, Indonesia – New Energy Nexus
  • Steve Peters, Senior Energy Specialist – Asian Development Bank
  • Dr Reihana Mohideen, Senior Research Fellow – The University of Melbourne

The panel conversation will be followed by an audience Q&A and we invite attendees to submit their questions in advance of the event via the RSVP form.

If you are unsure of the event's start time in your location, please use (entering 9pm, Melbourne).

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