Negative emission technologies in Australia



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Meeting the worldʼs climate change target of 2oC will require deep cuts in emissions and, most likely, removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A new report, “Negative emission technologies”, published by the University of Melbourne, analyses several technologies that could be developed in Australia to contribute to negative emissions of CO2. The potential is exciting. Yet these technologies are mostly at an early stage of development and many questions will need to be answered before they will be deployed.

In this webinar from the Peter Cook Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage Research, and co-hosted by MEI, experts in this field will discuss the report, explore its opportunities and provide answers to some of the key questions.

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Tony Wood, Director of the Energy Program, Grattan Institute (Chair)
David Byers, Chief Executive, CO2CRC
Professor Peter Cook, Senior Advisor, Earth Sciences, The University of Melbourne
Dr Andrew Lenton, Principal Research Scientist CSIROʼs Climate Science Centre
Dr Nasim Pour, Strategic Economic Consultant, Jacobs
Professor Robin Batterham, Kernot Professor of Engineering, The University of Melbourne

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