Program: MEI Symposium 22


Date: Friday, 9 December 2022
Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Venue:  ​Basement, Glyn Davis Building (Building 133), Melbourne School of Design,  
University of Melbourne, Masson Road, Parkville VIC​

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  • 8:00 am - 9:35 am : Opening and plenary

    Lecture Theatre - B117

    8:00am – 8:30am


    8:30am – 8:40am

    Welcome and opening of MEI Symposium 22

    Prof. Michael Brear, Director, Melbourne Energy Institute

    8:40am – 9:35am

    Opening plenary:
    Paving the way to Australia’s net-zero future 

    Mr. Daniel Westerman, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

    As Australia moves rapidly away from its dependency on coal generation, our energy future will be built on four pillars:

    • low-cost renewable energy, taking advantage of the abundant wind, solar and hydro resources that Australia has to offer;
    • firming technology like pumped hydro, batteries, and gas generation, to smooth out the peaks and fill in the gaps from that variable renewable energy;
    • new transmission to connect these new and diverse low-cost sources of generation to our towns and cities; and
    • grids capable of running, at times, entirely on renewable energy.

    In a keynote address, AEMO CEO Mr Daniel Westerman explores the changes that need to occur to enable a smooth transition to a net-zero energy system, drawing from unique insights from AEMO’s latest reports into Australia’s energy system.

  • 9:35 am - 12:50 pm : Morning sessions

    Singapore Theatre - B120

    Energy Systems 

    Chair: Prof. Pierluigi Mancarella, Program Leader

    Malaysian Theatre - B121

    Energy Materials 

    Chair: Dr. Christian Brandl on behalf of  A/Prof. Wallace Wong, Program Leader

    9:35am – 10:25am

    Operational challenges of high renewable dominated grids and some perspectives

    Prof. Tapan Saha, Professor, Leader of Power, Energy & Control Engineering, Leader of UQ Solar, Leader of UQ Industry 4.0 Energy TestLab, University of Queensland

    Promising top cell candidates for Si-based tandem cells

    Prof. Xiaojing Hao, School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, UNSW Sydney.

    10:25am – 10:50am



    10:50am – 11:20am

    The role of hydrogen in decarbonising a coupled energy system

    Mr. Yimin Zhang, PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    The synergy of automated fabrication, testing and machine learning: Open access materials discovery platform

    Dr. Maciej Adam Surmiak, Platform Engineer, Research Fellow, Monash University

    11:20am – 11:50am

    Thermo-mechanical energy storage options to decarbonise the Australian energy system

    Dr. Andrea Vecchi, Research Fellow in Clean Energy and Clean Transport, Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    New strategies in sustainable molecular assembly with flow chemistry and catalysis

    Dr. Anastasios Polyzos, Senior Lecturer, Flow Chemistry and Catalysis, Chemistry,
    University of Melbourne

    11:50am – 12:20pm

    Facilitating DER Services using Operating Envelopes

    Dr. Michael Liu, Research Fellow in Smart Grids, University of Melbourne

    Cross-scale modelling of ion transport in nanoporous electrodes towards digital design of high-efficiency ionic devices

    Dr. Peiyao Wang, Research Fellow in Nanoionics, Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    12:20pm – 12:50pm

    Feasibility of energy community projects in Victoria: towards capturing their whole system value

    Ms. Carmen Bas, PhD candidate in electric power systems, University of Melbourne

    Computational materials engineering for selective electrochemical CO2 reduction

    Dr. Xing Zhi, Research Fellow in molecular modelling of carbon dioxide reduction, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

  • 12:50 pm - 1:30 pm : Lunch and poster competition

    12:50pm – 1:30pm


     View entries in our student poster competition.
  • 1:30 pm - 4:40 pm : Afternoon sessions

    Singapore Theatre - B120

    Power Generation and Transport 

    Chair: Prof. Richard Sandberg, Program Leader

    Malaysian Theatre - B121

    Hydrogen and Clean Fuels 

    Chair: Dr. Joe Berry on behalf of A/Prof. Kathryn Mumford, Program Leader

    1:30pm – 2:20pm

    Carbon-neutral fuels for decarbonising combustion

    A/Prof Yi Yang, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    Tailoring multifunctional catalysts for clean fuel synthesis

    Prof. Karen Wilson, Professor of Catalysis, Centre for Advanced Materials and Industrial Chemistry, RMIT University

    2:20pm – 2:50pm

    Rapid soil-structure interaction in sand for offshore energy applications

    Dr. Shiaohuey Chow, Senior Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering,
    University of Melbourne

    Use of water injection to control autoignition and knock in a heavy-duty, hydrogen-fuelled, reciprocating engine

    Mr. Joel Mortimer, PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    2:50pm – 3:20pm

    Air pollution from fossil fuels:
    A public health policy gap

    Ms. Clare Walter, Honorary Research Fellow in Biochemistry and Pharmacology,
    University of Melbourne

    Nitrogen and oxygen nucleation in cryogenic hydrogen mixtures

    Dr. Eirini Goudeli, Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    3:20pm – 3.40pm


    3:40pm – 4:10pm

    The role of high-fidelity simulations in designing more efficient compressors

    Mr. Pawel Przytarski, Research Fellow,
    University of Melbourne

    Ultra-high-performance solar water splitting with earth-abundant cocatalyst foils

    Dr. Joshua Butson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Carbelec Project, Chemical Engineering,
    University of Melbourne

    4:10pm – 4:40pm

    High performance computation of hydrogen-fuelled engines

    Dr. Reza Yosri, Research Fellow in Clean Energy and Clean Transport, Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    A greener pathway to CO2 capture

    Dr. Rebecca McQuillan, Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne

  • 4:45 pm - 5:00 pm : Close

    4.45pm –


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