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Submissions are now closed for the Melbourne Energy Institute student poster competition as part of MEI Symposium 22. The annual MEI Symposium showcases the multi-disciplinary energy research taking place throughout the University of Melbourne, providing a space for collaboration, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments.

A total of $4,000 in prizes is available to be won for the Best Student Poster, as judged by MEI Program Leaders, presenting the student’s own work under one of MEI’s four Research Programs:


Posters were required to be submitted via email to MEI before 5:00 pm on Monday 5 December 2022.


  • Posters must use the provided template (see below).
  • Posters must be supplied in PDF format.
  • Images must be supplied in print-quality high resolution suitable for size A0 prints.
  • Posters will be displayed at MEI Symposium 22 on Friday 9 December 2022. Students who wish to keep their printed poster must collect it at the end of the day, from 4:30 pm.
  • Research presented must be the student’s own work under one of MEI’s Research Programs - please indicate in your submission which Research Program your work is most aligned with.
  • Entry is only open to students of the University of Melbourne. University staff and students of other universities are not eligible to enter.
  • Don’t forget to also register to attend MEI Symposium 22 so you can be part of the lunchtime poster competition session.

Download the template


MEI Research Program Leaders as the judges of the student poster competition will consider, among other criteria:

Scientific significance - 40%

  • Is the research underpinning the conclusions of higher than average quality (for example, obtained using novel and/or complex techniques, requires greater than normal care to obtain low errors, is efficient in resource use through clever design)
  • Does the submission align with research undertaken by a MEI Research Program and form the basis for Program expansion?
  • Does the research have applications in industry, and does it address special industrial challenges?
  • Does the research demonstrate broader technological, environmental, and societal impact?

Innovation - 40%

  • To what extent does the submission demonstrate innovative research, such as a novel approach to a problem which conventional techniques are inadequate in solving?
  • Does this research have the potential to make a novel contribution to the overall field of energy research and thereby form the basis for new fields of investigation?
  • Has protectable intellectual property been identified, such as a patentable process or product?

Clarity and visual appeal - 20%

  • Are the components of the poster/presentation organised in a logical flow?
  • Is the presentation free of jargon and accessible to a cross-disciplinary audience?
  • Is there a good balance of visuals, text, and white space - are the visuals easy to interpret, do they add to the text, and do they illustrate as well as decorate?
  • Are the outcomes, conclusions and implications of the research clearly communicated?


Note: Another $4,000 in prizes will be awarded for the Best Student Presentation in each of MEI’s four Research Programs, as selected by Program Leaders. Unlike the student poster competition, these prizes are only open to students who have been invited to present as part of MEI Symposium 22.

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