MEI Symposium

A showcase of the University of Melbourne’s multi-disciplinary energy research.

MEI Symposium 19

The Symposium will showcase the multi-disciplinary energy research taking place across the University, whilst also hearing from the energy sector on their most important challenges and emerging opportunities.

MEI Symposium 18

On 12 December 2018, graduate students and research staff from the University of Melbourne as well as energy industry professionals from across the country met to exchange ideas and explore collaborations at the MEI Symposium.

Audrey Zilbelman, CEO of AEMO, opened with her keynote speech on navigating the transition to the fourth energy revolution to a full house - having to be streamed into the adjacent overflow theatre.

The Symposium then ran four, day long parallel sessions on each of MEI’s four research programs, with prizes being awarded to the best presenter and poster in each theme, which included: Energy Systems, Energy Technology, Environment and Energy Resources, and Environment, Community & the Region.

Find out about the winners projects and access presenters slides.

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