MEI Symposium

A conference seminar showcasing the University of Melbourne’s multi-disciplinary energy research across MEI’s four programs.

MEI Symposium 20

The MEI Symposium showcases the multi-disciplinary energy research taking place throughout the University of Melbourne. Importantly, the event provides a space for collaboration between the sector and the University, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the past year's accomplishments. Past keynote speakers include Dr Kerry Schott, Chair of the Energy Security Board, and Audrey Zibelman, CEO of AEMO.

The Symposium features talented graduate students and research staff presenting their research within MEI’s four program areas, including Energy Systems; Power Generation and Transport; Hydrogen and Clean Fuels; and Environment and Resources.

Prizes are awarded to the best graduate presenter and poster in each research program.

This year the MEI Symposium will be held as a virtual event on Friday 11 December 2020.

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