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The MEInetwork is an education and skills program developed by the Melbourne Energy Institute at the University of Melbourne. This annual program offers education activities focused on the energy sector, with an additional focus on professional development and engagement across sector and academic networks. These activities include the Energy Systems Short Course, Seminar Series, the MEI Symposium, and other topical meetings and seminars.

  • Energy Systems Short Course


    The MEInetwork20 Energy Systems Short Course has just successfully concluded after three intense weeks. Course attendees, including graduate UoM students and participants from MEI’s industry partners, learnt skills in analysing the financial, technical, and environmental performance of energy projects.Participants developed their own spreadsheet models, and learnt how to answer questions such as:Is a proposed wind farm or gas turbine a good investment? What is the probability that it will earn a commercial rate of return? What is the best financing structure for the project?

    We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, who said they gained valuable insight into the investment decision-making processes used to determine the viability of different energy investments, and the key components that underpin these decisions.


    • The fundamentals of finance
    • The Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE)
    • Sensitivity analyses
    • Tools for financial analysis under uncertainty
    • Problem-based learning via investment case studies


    The Short Course was taught by energy industry expert and University of Melbourne Honorary Professorial Fellow Dr John Burgess, with the assistance of Jonathan Anderson, Senior Engineer at Arup.

    Dr. John Burgess is a chemical engineer with extensive industrial and research experience. This includes a long and distinguished career at BHP, where he rose to senior executive level. He was also recently the Chair of the CSIRO Energy Advisory Committee for a number of years. John is an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, and a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

  • Energy Systems Seminar Series


    The aim of the MEInetworkSeminar Series is to give participants a sound understanding of the current technical, regulatory and economic factors that underpin the Australian energy system. Knowledge of these market factors is critical in determining the changes required to move towards a clean energy system.

    In 2020, the MEInetwork Seminar Series program will be comprised of seven lectures covering energy commodities. The seminars will begin in April and continue through to October.

    Each seminar is limited to 50 participants. The seminars are open to MEInetwork20 partners and their invited guests, as well as University of Melbourne students and staff.


    • Distribution and marketing of crude oil and its products
    • Natural gas liquefaction and export
    • Hydrogen from fossil fuels
    • Hydrogen from renewable resources
    • Uranium mining and refining
    • Energy commodity trading
    • Regulation and taxation of exported energy resources.

    Guest Speakers

    The seminars will be delivered by specialists from industry and the University.

  • MEI Symposium

    The MEI Symposium showcases the multi-disciplinary energy research taking place throughout the University of Melbourne. Importantly, the event provides a space for collaboration between the sector and the University, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the past year's accomplishments. Past keynote speakers include Dr Kerry Schott, Chair of the Energy Security Board, and Audrey Zibelman, CEO of AEMO.

    The Symposium features talented graduate students and research staff presenting their research within MEI’s four program areas, including:

    Prizes are awarded to the best graduate presenter and poster in each research program.

    This year the MEI Symposium will be held as a virtual event on Friday 11 December 2020.

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  • MEInetwork Partner

    Want to be a MEInetwork partner?

    The success of the MEInetwork is only possible with the support of our industry and government partners. We work closely with partners to develop the program to ensure that it reflects current industry trends and challenges.

    Partner organisations are involved in all MEInetwork20 learning and engagement activities, including the MEI Symposium and other important research and knowledge sharing events. Partners are entitled to enrol two employees in the Energy Systems Short Course, and the Energy Systems Seminar Series is open to all staff of participating organisations and their clients. In addition, partners receive brand exposure throughout the duration of the program. To learn more about becoming a partner, please contact

MEInetwork20 Partners

We are grateful to all of our industry and government partners for their continued support of the MEInetwork program. Thank you to our 2020 partners who made MEI’s vision for this program possible – to be a unique education and professional development program that contributes to our evolving energy sector.

To learn more about MEInetwork please contact us:

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